KND Steel Syndicate was established in 1981, India's most trusted manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Cold Rolled Low, Medium & High Carbon annealed steel strips and Hardened & Tempered steel strips

Serving OEM’s since 42+ years in Automotive, Electrical, Defence, Medical, Railway and other industrial space, we have been principal choice for many OE manufacturers, our steel is used by organizations like, JCB, Yamaha, Maruti, Hyundai, Havells, Minda, C&S Electric, Stumpp Scheule & Somappa Springs, YKK, TATA Motors, Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices, among others.

We ensure practically zero rejections, ensuring no loss of your business and customers. We maintain the highest quality standards while remaining highly competitive in pricing to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Consistently rated 10/10 by our customer's auditors, KND Steel is known for delivering high-quality steel, offering unparalleled service, and catering to customized requirements while adhering to strict quality compliances.

Our rigorous production process and quality tests guarantee that our steel meets all the necessary quality parameters in terms of its physical, chemical, and metallurgical properties. This ensures that your products perform with the highest level of quality and efficiency, meeting the demanding standards and requirements of today's industry.

KND Steel was established in 1981, by Late Mr. D.N. Sarabahi under the guidance of K.K. Mohta, a legendary veteran of the Cold Rolled steel industry. Mr. Mohta helped in building the company as a torchbearer with his guidance & support, which later rose to new heights under the strong leadership of Late Mr. D.N. Sarabahi.


Our values stand high and tall on a few pillars:


Customer Satisfaction









Late Mr. D.N. Sarabahi
Late Mr. D.N. Sarabahi, Founder

A commerce graduate from the Delhi University, Founder of KND Steel Syndicate, Late Mr. D.N. Sarabahi held an envious 50+ years' experience in the cold rolled steel strips industry.

A master of the trade, he started his illustrious career with Delhi based Jainex Ltd. as a sales expert, rapidly rising in the ranks to the responsibility of heading North India sales. Jainex Ltd is widely credited to be the company that introduced cold rolled carbon steel strips in North India.

In 1981, he established KND Steel Syndicate, which today has become India's most trusted manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Cold Rolled Low, Medium & High Carbon annealed steel strips and Hardened & Tempered steel strips serving OEM’s in Automobile, Electrical, Defence, Medical, Railway and other industrial space.

His expertise extended to the intricate details of hardening and tempering of products, which can only be acquired through extensive years of experience. He was highly regarded as one of the most respected individuals in the industry and was often referred to as 'Bhishma Pitamah' by industry veterans due to his vast and profound knowledge, as well as his experience of over 50 years in the industry.

Panckaj N Umrania
Panckaj N Umrania, Executive Director

Panckaj is an entrepreneur and investor who has successfully established and managed profitable businesses, generating multi-million dollars in revenue.

In 2015, he joined KND Steel as a successor and underwent comprehensive technical training from the ground up, under the guidance of the late Mr. D.N. Sarabahi. Despite lacking prior knowledge of the steel industry, Panckaj swiftly acquired an understanding of metallurgy and industry operations. His innovative business strategies earned the respect of industry veterans. Panckaj's leadership played a pivotal role in propelling KND Steel to new heights, contributing significantly to the company's success.

With over 18 years of diverse experience spanning various domains and holding a Master's degree in IT, Systems & International Business, his work has garnered several accolades, including the CIO Award and the Best Design & Technology Usage Award.

Panckaj has collaborated with renowned corporations, including Fortune 50 & 100 giants like Microsoft, PwC, and Coca-Cola. He has worked extensively with global customers across regions such as the USA, UK, UAE, and APAC, showcasing his international reach. Notably, he founded and spearheaded a digital agency that eventually secured an acquisition. His contributions have led to his recognition as one of India's top 50 marketing professionals by the esteemed World Marketing Congress.

Panckaj serves as a guest lecturer at esteemed business institutions and has graced prominent events as a speaker. He holds a distinguished position on various judging panels for web and digital awards, further contributing to his industry influence.

Panckaj's journey embodies a relentless pursuit of excellence, underscored by his ability to nurture successful enterprises, his profound expertise in high carbon steel, and his achievements across diverse industries.



To provide high quality steel with an unparalleled service by creating an institution committed to cater the customized requirements & adhering to stringent quality compliances.



  • Provide high quality steel and remain the first choice
  • Principal choice & supplier to OEM manufacturers
  • Become a go-to institution for steel requirements

Key Differentiators

We help our clients to stay ahead of the market, competition & reduce cost. Some of our key differentiators are: 

India’s most trusted manufacturer, supplier & exporter

Serving OEM’s since 42+ years with 100+ cumulative years of experience

Serving small organizations as well as top OEM’s all over India and abroad

500+ customers worldwide, 95% repeat customers

10,000+ MT supplies yearly 

Rigorous production process and quality tests to meet the demanding standards and requirements of today's industry

Using world class Japanese & German equipment's which keeps our customers ahead of their competitors

We ensure practically zero rejections, ensuring no loss of your business and customers

Consistently rated 10/10 by our customer's auditors

Highly competitive pricing

On or before time dispatch & deliveries

Great service via our dedicated servicing team

Our reputation for ethics, transparency, integrity and responsibility is well-established and widely recognized

Only company catering to customized & challenging requirements

Exporting worldwide with offices across several nations, headquartered in India

Customer Policy

We believe in providing on-time delivery, coupled with fair dealing and best prices. Our organization makes every possible effort to carefully understand and execute your needs.
We believe in remaining strongly focused on our core mission - to provide best quality carbon steel strips from the top manufacturers across the country and cater exclusively to your customized requirements.