We ensure practically zero rejections, ensuring no loss of your business and customers. We maintain the highest quality standards while remaining highly competitive in pricing to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Our rigorous production process and quality tests guarantee that our steel meets all the necessary quality parameters in terms of its physical, chemical, and metallurgical properties. This ensures that your products perform with the highest level of quality and efficiency, meeting the demanding standards and requirements of today's industry.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company all our lab equipment’s are regularly calibrated as per standard regulations and requirements. All our outward supplies are complimented with a test certificate report and we maintain advanced traceability and tracking of material supplied.

Quality & Standards

  • Rigorous production process and quality tests to meet the demanding standards and requirements of today's industry
  • Using world class Japanese & German equipment's which keeps our customers ahead of their competitors
  • Ensuring our steel physically, chemically and metallurgically conforms to all the quality parameters
  • 4 and 6-high mill with AGC for better control over tolerances and flatness
  • High accuracy while annealing on hydrogen furnaces
  • High quality spring properties coupled with a uniform tempering structure
  • Ensuring good forming properties and close range of tensile strength
  • Edge formation and accurate cutting in the best possible manner for optimum workability
  • Accurate dimensional stability and restricted tolerance

Our Quality Commitment

KND Steel has grown over the years, but our focus on quality hasn't changed. Our quality commitment is based upon training and teamwork among our employees which is fundamental to our continuous improvement and to the success of our company.
All employees at KND are encouraged to upgrade their skills and understanding of our product and its applications. In addition, we are continuously training our employees in the procedures and specific tasks that comprise our quality system.

Quality Assurance Process

Quality is a shared responsibility among our employees. All personnel are encouraged to stop the processing of a sales order if they perceive a discrepancy between the quality of our material and the customer's requirements. Quality assurance at KND begins with rigorous inbound material inspection for accurate description of our inventory. We emphasize thorough understanding of the material requirements of each of our customers - detailed order entry assures that customer material requirements are adequately defined and documented, and that the material specifications of the customers are met.


Our values stand high and tall on a few pillars:

Customer Satisfaction

On or before time dispatch & deliveries, unparallel after sales service, committed to ensure satisfaction beyond point of sale. We understand the value and significance of customer service to meet your end objectives and ensure all our efforts are directed towards customer satisfaction.


We have always cherished the relationships among our clients, business partners, and associates. It's these relationships that define who we are today, and we are committed to continually improving and strengthening them.


Our reputation for ethics, transparency, integrity and responsibility is well-established and widely recognized. We have endeavored to excel in our field of business. It is our constant effort and persistence that has given us a reputable presence in India.